Open Data Support (JoinUp, EC)

Training catalogue

Topic 1 – Introduction to Linked Open Government Data

  1. Open Government Data and the PSI Directive (enfrde – ltsi)
  2. Introduction to Linked Data (en – frde – lt – pl)
  3. Introduction to RDF & SPARQL (enfrde)
  4. Introduction to Metadata Management (enfrde – plsi)
  5. Promoting the Re-use of Open Data through ODIP (enfrde)

Topic 2 – Publishing Linked Open Government Data & Metadata

  1. The Linked Open Government Data Lifecycle (enfrde)
  2. Introduction to Open Data Quality (enfrde – ltsi)
  3. Design and Manage Persistent URIs (enfrde – pl)
  4. Designing and Developing vocabularies in RDF (enfrde)
  5. License your Data and Metadata (enfrdesi)

License of document: Creative Commons Attribution (permissive)